Turret punching press Turret punching press

Turret punching press

Date:2024-3-17 Author:turret punching press / plate rolling machine

Turret punching press uses a large number of standard punch tool and strokes, with several different tools in turn. It makes a wide variety of parts without having to first make a specialized press tool for that task.

Turret punching press is a soft tooling machine that gives you some unique capabilities. A sheet of material is fed into the machine which has tooling in it. Said tooling uses multiple strokes on a part to produce a number of features. These features include circular holes, square holes, different shapes, and forms such as reinforcement ribs.

Turret punching press

The processing of turret punching press: 

High speed machining process curve.

Under this working condition, the mechanism starts from the preload point. During the stamping process, it reaches the bottom dead and clicks through the plate and then quickly returns to achieve high-efficiency processing. This processing mode is suitable for some light-loaded thin plate processing. high.

Turret punching press

Silent processing process curve by cnc turret punching press

The working mode belongs to the silent stamping mode. In this mode, the punch quickly descends from the pre-pressure point, reduces the speed of the punch close to the upper surface of the plate. Penetrates the plate at a slow speed, and returns at a high speed after reaching the bottom dead center to achieve low noise work. Improve operating comfort. This working mode is effective when stamping thick plates, which can greatly reduce noise and suppress machine tool vibration, but it will lose part of the work efficiency.

Turret punching press

Forming process curve of cnc turret punch press

The working mode belongs to the forming and stamping mode. In this mode, the punch rapidly descends from the preload point, reduces the speed of the punch near the upper surface of the sheet. And stops when it reaches the bottom dead center position. And returns after holding the pressure for a period of time to ensure that the workpiece formed Without rebound. This process is widely for workpiece with special forming requirements such as shutters, bridge molds, and convex hulls.

Turret punch press

Engraving process for cnc turret punch press

The working mode belongs to the engraving mode. This working mode is mainly used to print corporate Logo or other text on the workpiece. The main working method of the CNC turret punch is to decelerate after the pre-pressure point is rapidly descended. And slowly press the mold into the sheet material. Return after the depth, forming a pressure point on the sheet.

While a turret punch would never fully replace a press brake. There are some things it can do that a brake cannot. There are some unique form features that a punch can create. The soft tooling of the turret punch is also much less expensive than the hard tooling of a press.

“The real benefit of a turret punch is that if you have a product line that has a mid-range or lower volume where you can’t justify stamping dies, it is a very economical way to produce the parts,” Woodward says.

This is particularly true with prototype products and processes. A turret punch is a good way to validate an assembly prior to investing large capital dollars for hard tooling. It allows products to be tested with minimal risk.

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