Turret press Turret press

Turret press

Date:2024-3-19 Author:turret punching press / plate rolling machine

CNC turret press combines punching and Laser cutting processes in the same machine reduces processing cycle times and part cost for metal sheet.

The punching provides unmatched productivity and scratch-free processing of complex sheet metal parts. 

CNC turret press machine equipped with an automated multi-shelf storage tower with shelves for both raw material and completed parts. 

And the automation provides for off-hours of unmanned operation during times of peak demand.

Additional processes include etching, part marking, perforating, forming, coining, countersinking, embossing, extruding, and tapping of precision sheet metal parts.  With hole punching speeds of up to 400 holes per minute, it is much faster to punch holes than to laser cut. 

Turret press

Beaml cnc turret punching machine includes a 300 stations tool changer and eliminating setup times when changing from one part to the next.  This all adds up to faster throughput and less expensive parts.

CNC punching machine (Cnc turret press) can be used for all kinds of metal sheet parts processing, it can automatically complete a variety of complex hole types and shallow stretch forming processing at one time .

Automatically process holes of different sizes and hole distances according to requirements, or use small punches to step. The punching method punches large round holes, square holes, waist-shaped holes and can processed by special processes . Such as shutters, shallow stretches, countersinks, flanged holes, ribs, embossing.

Through simple Mold combination, compared with traditional stamping, it saves a lot of mold costs, can use low cost and short cycle to process small batch, diversified products, has a large processing range and processing capacity, so as to adapt to the market in time And product changes.

Turret press

The features of CNC turret press

  • The operation and monitoring of the CNC turret press are all completed in this CNC unit, which is the brain of the punching cnc machine. Compared with ordinary punches .
  • High processing precision and stable processing quality;
  • Large processing area: 2.5m*5m processing area complete at one time;
  • Multi-coordinate linkage can carry out, and parts with complex shapes can processed for shear forming, etc.;
  • When machining parts change, it generally only need to change the numerical control program which can save production preparation time;
  • The punch itself has high precision and high rigidity, can choose favorable processing dosage, and high productivity;
  • The punch press has a high degree of automation, which can reduce labor intensity;
  • Easy to operate, with a certain basic computer knowledge training can be used for 2-3 days;
  • The Programming Process Of Cnc Turret Punching Press
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