Stainless steel plate v grooving machine Stainless steel plate v grooving machine

Stainless steel plate v grooving machine

Date:2024-3-9 Author:turret punching press / plate rolling machine

Stainless steel plate v grooving machine operation process . Beaml industry co produces the plate grooving machine adopts clamping of workpiece using automatic hydraulic or pneumatic clamping device.

Tool feed using the PLC control display, large-screen touch display, knife frame movement speed using servo motor.

Without extreme speed regulation, easy and reliable operation, good processing positioning accuracy, high production efficiency.

 Features of stainless steel plate v grooving machine :

Conventional machine hold the sheet metal moving over the working table . So the sheet surface is very easy to be scratched. Now this machine’s biggest advantage is sheet metal fixed, has no relative motion.

specially for using in mirror stainless steel plates on decoration, and so that the machine has a high processing speed.

Stainless steel plate v grooving machine

Operational guidance for stainless steel plate v grooving machine

Before the operation of the machine tool, must carefully check the tool and nuts and screws are firm. If found loose phenomenon, must be tightened in time. Pay attention to the cutting direction when installing the cutting tool, do not reverse.

The main knife is clockwise steering.

When the machine tool failure should immediately cut off the power supply, and stop the operation. Send special personnel to repair, do not run the machine tool fault.

The material before processing should first check the tool whether there are nails. Sand and stone joints, etc., to prevent damage to the knife tool flying injury.

Cutting off the power supply of the machine tool before cleaning, lubricating oil. And removing the saw blade and cleaning debris.

Workers should wear earplugs, goggles, and other labor protection equipment to avoid damage to the body.

Stainless steel plate v grooving machine

Some notes before using stainless steel plate V grooving machine

In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool, reduce guide rail, ball screw, tool wear.

Before starting the machine, operate the hand-operated centralized oil injector, lubricate the moving part of the planer frame. Twice a shift, and use a butter gun to lubricate the moving part of the back tube once a week.

Groove ready” button for automatic V grooving machine before grooving ready button, do not press this button during grooving.

Enter the new program, press the “emergency stop switch” to open, and then press the “tool forward” key to groove.

The working principle of the grooving machine is to fix the sheet material that conforms to the grooving machine on the worktable. Adjust the processing starting point . And drive the knife holder to drive the knife board to plan the material plate to form the required V. The depth and width of the V-shaped groove controlled by the in-feed amount and different knives.

Stainless steel plate v grooving machine

Metal grooving machine work must be strictly in accordance with the operation order

When grooving, programming feed must not be too large, so as not to damage the tool and press instability.

During the operation of each processing 15-20 times, check whether the positioning sleeve loose.

Equipment failure, please immediately press the stop button and feedback to the relevant responsible person.

The above is about the operation of the V grooving machine and its matters needing attention. After reading this article,

I believe you have a further understanding of the V grooving machine. Beaml is a professional V grooving machine manufacturers.

The spring-back angle of the bending process is very small. And the rectangular tube will not rebound and deform after forming.

V-shaped planing groove for the thin metal sheet used for folding pre-position the length of the bending side before bending. And then bend on the bending machine according to the pre-marked V-shaped groove. So that the length of the bending side is accurate and can replace the back stop of the CNC bending machine. The material function, of course, the premise is that the positioning accuracy of the V-shaped CNC planer must reach ±0.05 mm.

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