CNC turret punch press CNC turret punch press

CNC turret punch press

CNC turret punching press is the perfect solution for metal sheet .The large fully –brushed sheet support tables and the standard repositioning cylinders allow for standard sheet sizes to be proceed easily,the system is revolutionary in terms of reliability and productivity ,backed by the only comprehensive service program in rolling machine .

CNC turret punch press machine is a processing method that can be used for all parts manufactured from thin metal sheets. Therefore, they are used in all areas of parts manufacturing, including automotive parts, medical parts, and home appliance parts.
Turret punching presses can be processed into various shapes using a process called nibbling.
Nibbling is a processing method that uses a combination of general-purpose dies. Such as circular and square dies, to perform the punching process.
Nibbling enables the machining of complex shapes without the use of dedicated dies and thus enables low-cost production of small-lot. Multi-variety products, and large-lot production. Therefore, turret punch presses are widely used in sheet metal processing and press work.

Beaml Tex series CNC punch press is the newly developed cnc turret punch equipped with advanced control system . The Tex-M series punch machine is the perfect solution for metal sheet .The large fully –brushed sheet support tables and the standard repositioning cylinders allow for standard sheet sizes to be proceed easily,the system is revolutionary in terms of reliability and productivity ,backed by the only comprehensive service program in rolling machine .Uniquely flexible ,Tex-S can be everything you want or just what you need

Adopts Siemens 808D cnc control system offer versatile feature to meet you requirement of high precision punching . Combining high speed and stable control ,fasting processing and friendly user interface can achieve simple and complex tasks easy ,

Beaml advanced turret punch presses are produced as a closed type rigid steel construction into a right structure, the finite analysis system was used in the design and simulation process to allow minimum deflection during operation..

Tex-S series turret punch presses has 2 models with 32 station/1200 stroke and with 33 station/1200 stroke which helps to finish all the work at once even on very complicated sheet products.

Main features of cnc turret punching machine

Siemens 808D cnc system can be you ideal partner to guarantee the stable running and accuracy punching; No deflection between the turret and tools occurs during the punching process and it increase tool life .Beaml turret punch presses provides a complete solution with optimum cost.

  • Siemens AC servo motors on all axis
  • High precious positioning possibility with linear sledge system on all axis.
  • CNC control outputs/inputs for vacuum table & filtering unit
  • High vacuuming capability with lower energy consumption
  • Independent cutting table system
  • +/- 0,02 mm positioning accuracy.
  • +/- 30 m/min positioning speed
CNC turret punch press

Puch frame with “O” frame of cnc turret punch press

  • Stress relieved bridge frame construction. Finite element analysis is on high performance computer is used in the design process.
  • The concept consists of two fully enclosed box fabrications that are welded put under high load and stress relieved.
  • It can reduce vibration and deflection under full loads proving greater part precision, reduce tool wear and noise as well ;”O” frame can proceeding the metal sheet bigger than Y axis stroke.
CNC turret punch press

Servo and electric punching unit for cnc turret punch press

  • Adopt brushless motor from SIEMENS
  • Stoke, speed, acceleration and penetration of the tool fully programmable 
  • Absence of hydraulic oil for saving the cost
  • Soft punching function decrease the noise obviously for punching metal sheet 
  • High speed application
  • Low noise application
  • Forming application
CNC turret punch press

Standard configuration of cnc turret punch press

  • “O” frame design tested by finite element analysis software ,precisely machining and internal stress relieved to ensure high precision and stability
  • Servo punching with index tool station through 360° in increments of 0.001°
  • Punching, cutting and forming processes are subject to optional tooling controlled by control system.
  • Cable of producing not only 2D components but create 3D forms when fitted with special tool
  • High nibbling rate up to 1250 hits per minute 1mm pitch
  • High efficiency motors and accuracy guides on all axes ensure high operational speed
  • Rigid beam is fitted with two sheet clamps capable of positioning sheets up to 12mm thickness
  • Clamping force adjusted by CNC from 100kg to 1100kg
  • Repositioning feature with high processing speed and data transfer rates
CNC turret punch press

Siemens DSI series cnc controller

  • Our CNC turret punching press chooses the very powerful SIEMENS control system, which has been specially designed for punching, some of the feature as following:
  • Movable control cabinet
  • Ethernet and network communication connections 
  • UBS electrical component surge protection system 
  • Internal diagnostics Graphic visualization 
  • Online help messages
  • Tel diagnostics via modem (optional)
  • Auto optimization of sheet speed according to sheet mass
  • Graphic programming @machine control 
  • Sheet layout &automatic calculation of sheet layout 
  • Removable software key (office or machine programming)
CNC turret punch press

Sheet jam protectors automatically

  • Sheet Jam protectors detects deformed or buckled sheets automatically and stop the turret punch press machine once triggered .
  • Automatic clamp positioning reduces setup time and errors and provides machine running time flexibility and productively.
CNC turret punch press

Mixed ball and brush table

Special design loading table with ball and brush ensure the metal sheet without crack and moving stable without chipping

CNC turret punch press

Sheet jam protectors of CNC turret punch press

  • The G-code for the Siemens controller can be generated from nesting software.
  • Operator can maximize nest multiple parts and sheet utilization to achieve streamline their work to ensure their turret punch working in good situation.
CNC turret punch press

Programmable sheet clamps of CNC punching machine

  • The position of the sheet clamp is set by standard program information automatically.
  • If there are sensors detect any movement of the sheet once it clamped ,the contact sensor will stop the machine automatically
CNC turret punch press

Rotational head of cnc turret punch machine

  • The full 360°programmable head of turret punch press achieves 40 revolution per minute.
  • A harmonic zero backlash gear driven system provides accurate positioning and control .
CNC turret punch press

Index multi tools for turret punch machine

  • 3.6,8 and station index multi tools reduce tool changes time and increase flexibility.
  • Programmable to 0.2° with no upper and lower mechanical connections provides perfect alignment of the upper and lower tool, even defect or worn tools can be offset .
CNC turret punch press


Punching capacityTon3050
X travers lengthmm25002500
Y travers lengthmm1250/1500/20001250/1500/2000
Max sheet sizemm1250/1500/2000*50001250/1500/2000*5000
Max sheet thicknessmm6.358.35
Max sheet weightkg110160
X axis moving speedM/min120100
Y axis moving speedM/min10580
Max moving speedM/min128105
Punching speed at 25mm pitchhist/min450380
Nibble speedhist/min12001050
Tools type thick turretthick turret
Max punching diametermm88.988.9
Number of tool stationspc32/42/5232/42/52
Number of auto index stationspc4(2B+2C)/3(2B+1C)/2(1B+1C)
Turret rotating speedrpm3333
Auto index rotating speedrpm100100
Ram stroke distancemm0-310-31
Number of sheet clampspc33
Air supplyNL/min250250
Air pressurebar66
Size of control cabinetmm1350*700*21851350*700*2185
CNC controllerbrandSiemens 808DSiemens 808D
Number of contrllable axesaxis44
Ram memoryKB512512
Serial interface RS232/RJ45/PCMCIARS232/RJ45/PCMCIA
Punching precisionmm±0.1±0.1
Approximate weightkg13500/15600/1780015800/17900/20100


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