Metal sheet roller machine Metal sheet roller machine

Metal sheet roller machine

Date:2024-3-2 Author:turret punching press / plate rolling machine

Metal sheet roller machine is used for rolling sheets and strips in the metal fabrication industry. These machines come in three rollers or four roller designs, depending on how you want to roll, bend, and cut the metal sheet.

A sheet metal rolling process consists of passing metal through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce its thickness. Similarly, once the metal has been rolled out, sheet metal folding are utilized to shape the metal into the desired shape. At Beaml Industry ,300 tones of pressure provides the ability to fold and roll sheet metal up to four meters long into accurate curvatures and complex shapes.

Metal sheet roller machine

Metal sheet roller machine bending with precision

We know that precise sheet metal rolling requires more than just machinery. While we produce high-quality machines and our experienced engineer that we can know clearly how to operate the machine appropriately .

We pride ourselves on our high quality machine and the afterservice we can provide. Therefore, we ensure that we tackle your metal project with only experienced roll operators who know exactly how to get the best outcome from your desired metal.

Beaml handles sheet metal rolling should have detailed knowledge regarding the process, techniques, and metals in general. They are also aware of how to prevent mistakes from occurring and how to correct them if anything does happen.

We’re proud to say that our team fits this criterion. We understand what sheet metal rolling means for the overall result of metal fabrication and work hard to achieve the desired outcome for your metal related project.

Metal sheet roller machine

Sheet metal folding with Beaml roller

Unlike rolling, sheet metal folding won’t change the thickness of the metal you’re utilizing but instead will change the shape of the piece. By stressing the metal beyond its yield strength, you’re able to mend and shape the metal into however you desire.

There are a variety of different types of CNC sheet metal folding, including bottoming, coining, folding, rotary bending, and more. To understand how our sheet metal folding services at Beaml can assist with your overall project, contact us today.

Metal bending is similar to sheet metal folding and refers to the process where metal is deformed by applying force to it.

Why Choose Beaml’s plate roller machine ?

There are many reasons to choose Beaml metal sheet roller for your next sheet metal project. While our artistry and expertise in the metal industry are impressive, here are a few other reasons as to why you should choose us to take care of your metal needs:

  • A team of professionals with comprehensive knowledge of all things metal sheet rolling machine
  • The advanced machinery and equipment guarantee the high quality machine
  • Dedicated to providing good results
  • Many types of sheet metal rolling and folding for choose
  • Many experienced Experts at metal sheet rolling industry.
  • Efficient and reliable
  • We keep you informed every step of the way
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