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Metal roller

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Metal roller is a important equipment for fabrication factory that contains three or four rollers through raw metal is fed. The purpose of rolling machine is to compress raw metal into an uniform shape.

They feature at least one pair of rollers that compress the raw material as it’s fed. When the metal comes out of the rollers, it has a thinner and more uniform shape.

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The steps to producing sheet metal with CNC metal roller machine

To produce sheet metal, metalworking companies first heat up the raw metal in a large furnace. Once the metal has achieved a molten state, a worker pours the liquefied metal into an a thin ingot-shaped mold and allowed to cool.

Next, a worker feeds the ingot through the rollers of a rolling machine. Each pair of rollers compresses the ingot, allowing for a thinner and more uniform shape.

After the metal rolled, it’s often annealed. This involves heating the metal back up and allowing it to cool. The purpose of annealing is to remove stresses and, therefore, increase the strength and durability of the metal.

metal roller

Metal sheet rolling : Beyond sheet metal production

While rolling machines are most commonly associated with sheet metal production, widely used in other metalworking applications. For example, a rolling machine can bend raw metal to achieve unique shapes. By definition, however, rolling machines — when used in the context of metalworking — are machines that contain one or more pairs of rollers to manipulate raw metal.

A rolling machine is a kind of general equipment that can roll and bend metal sheets into a cylinder, arc, or another shape workpiece. According to the principle of three-point rounding, the continuous plastic deformation of sheet metal produced by using the relative position change and rotation movement of the workpiece to obtain the workpiece with a predetermined shape.

The products widely used in boiler, shipbuilding, petroleum, woodworking, metal structure, and other machinery manufacturing industries. As a special machine, plate bending machine plays an important role in basic industrial processing.

All steel forming for cylindrical, almost all with the rolling machine roll. It has applications in the automobile, the military industry, and so on.

Metal roller

According to different requirements, it can roll out steel columns that meet the requirements, which is a very practical instrument.

How to bend plate with metal sheet roller ?

The demand for different shapes of bent sheet metal on the market is getting bigger, so in addition to various profiles for boilers, various forms of sheet metal have found a place in the energy industry such as hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, wind power, nuclear power plants, etc.

For the pipelines of the chemical industry, gas pipelines, high pressure equipment, high-quality reservoir pipes and parts are a necessity. Therefore, it is very important to have the appropriate sheet metal forming equipment, and first of all the heavy duty bending machines specialized for sheet metal.

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The machine for roll bending of sheet metal is a machine that functions with three or four rollers. The bending principle does not change significantly depending on whether the machine has 3 or 4 rollers, and the whole process is very simple.

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