Metal grooving machine Metal grooving machine

Metal grooving machine

Date:2024-3-10 Author:turret punching press / plate rolling machine

Metal grooving machine adopts frame structure and high strength bolt connection. The rigidity of the machine is good and the deformation is small.

  • The machine consist of machine basis, crossbeam, blade shaft, CNC control system, plate press system, compressed air and coolant system.
  • The whole structure is frame vertical design. Whole steel plate integral welding and high-strength bolt connection. Strong resistance.
  • Using large tempering furnace to eliminate internal stress. Good stability.
  • High precision ball screw as a power transmission element. High precision, low noise, low power consumption.
  • Adjustable movable work surface, make slotting depth accurate for every part.
  • Numerical control program design is reasonable, easy to master.
Metal grooving machine

Advantages and characteristics of metal v grooving machine

  • Suitable for 3-5mm thick plate.
  • Used for grooving of special-shaped plates.
  • Better for aluminum plate.
  • If you used a horizontal v-groove machine, the aluminum plate is likely to grooved like the broken pape.
  • CNC metal V grooving machine is suitable for industries bending and grooving that require high precision processing for metal plates.
  • Metal v grooving machine made according to the special needs of the mid-to-high-end decoration industry, elevator manufacturing and other industries. It can make V-shaped grooves for stainless steel sheets, iron plates, aluminum plates, copper plates and other materials.
  • If the new metal sheet grooving machine equipped with some special accessories, it can grind, polish, and brush metal sheet and profiles.
  • The price is relatively little high, compared with the horizontal model.
  • In the use of vertical V grooving machine, users need to move the plate. And there are certain requirements for the site and space.
  • The CNC control system has several parameter to choose , big in storage and easy in operation.
  • CNC control system has 3 axis, 3 axis is AC servo motor drive, high in control precision.
  • Machine worktable using carbon tool steel. The hardness after quenching reaches HRC55 or more.
  • It can achieve metal sheet cutting in different structure for different thickness and greatly improve the cutting efficiency and promote the cutting quality as well .
  • Use ball-screw and line guide, gear and rack transmission to enhance the machine durability and precision. The repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.03 mm
Metal grooving machine

Applications of metal sheet v groove machine

  • Use Metal cnc V grooving machine to line and planer v shaped groove on the position where the metal plate needs to bend.
  • After grooving, you can use the general mold to bending the special closed shape material on the common bending machines.
  • The iron plate after grooving is easier to bend. After this processing, the bending quality and shape of the bending will be better.
  • Vertical steel groove machine has a dozen of separate pressing plates and ten independent clamps for automatic clamping. Plates of all sizes can processed with smaller energy consumption and higher safety.
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