Ironworker equipment Ironworker equipment

Ironworker equipment

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What is the cnc ironworker equipment ?

CNC ironworker equipment is a robust, multi-functional machine that designed to handle a many of jobs that done by fabricators and manufacturers. They come in a variety of models with different specifications and capacities .

An ironworker is an essential tool in the fabrication factory and it performs various tasks without the need to retool. It helps save time, eliminate waste, increase productivity, and create smooth holes and cuts.

Fabrication shops and manufacturing companies are always looking for powerful CNC ironworker machine to help them stay ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, most of these machines sophisticated, expensive, and require in-depth expertise to operate.

Ironworker machine, a versatile and affordable tool that helps accomplish a myriad of processes in today’s fabrication shops.

ironworker equipment

How do you choose an CNC ironworker equipment ?

The principal consideration is the punch tonnage rating. This will determine the maximum hole diameter that can be punched through the maximum material thickness. Just as important is the shearing capacity of plate, angle or flat bar. The shearing tonnage determines the maximum size and thickness of the profile that can be sheared.

Typically, a small fabrication shop requires about 60 tons of punching capacity. A 60 ton ironworker will punch a 1-1/16” diameter hole through 5/8”plate depending on tensile strength; will shear 4” x 4” angle, and a 10” x 5/8” flat bar. Ornamental iron shops, welding shops and miscellaneous steel fabrication shops often use ironworkers of this capacity.

Most structural steel fabricating shops require ironworkers in the 80 to 120 ton range, as 120 tons allows for punching a 1-1/4” diameter hole through 1” plate, shearing 6” x 6” x 1/2” angle, and 12” x 1” or 24” x 5/8” plate (55,000 PSI steel). Machines are available up to 240 tons and larger.

ironworker equipment

A few initial questions you need to answer which will determine the approximate capacity for your company :

What is the maximum diameter hole and thickness of the material you need to punch? This will determine your punching tonnage.

What is the material grade, in PSI, that you will be punching and shearing? Harder materials require more tonnage.

What is the maximum distance from the edge of the material that you need to punch a hole? This will determine the throat depth.

What is the maximum angles size and thickness that you need to shear? This will determine the shearing tonnage required.

What is the maximum width and thickness of the flat bar you need to shear? This will determine the shearing tonnage required.

Ironworker equipment

Types of cnc ironworker equipment

Single operator: only one person may operate any of the tool stations at one time.

These types of ironworkers are more prevalent in smaller shops and, in many cases, provide floor space savings over dual operator units.

Dual operator will increase the shop’s production capacity and efficiency.

The dual operator capability is achieved by the incorporation of a second cylinder and pump. One cylinder will power the punching station and the other cylinder will power the other tooling stations.

Dual operator CNC hydrualic ironworker machine is more expensive comparing with single operator unit and the price difference is quickly erased by the higher productivity achieved .

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