CNC punching press CNC punching press

CNC punching press

Date:2024-2-25 Author:turret punching press / plate rolling machine

cnc punching press equipped a large number of tools having different shapes are arranged in a disk shaped -turret desk, cnc controlled table and clamp holding and moving the metal sheet to perform punching and forming.

Main advantages of cnc turret punching machine are the speed of punching is very quick, and the sharp of the parts after finished punching will not affected by the heat .

CNC turret punching press involves pushing a punch through a piece of metal to create a hole and other different sharps that other machines can not instead. There are many dies on the turret panel controlled by the control system to proceeding the metal sheet or other material .The turret punch can make holes in a variety of different diameters and can make as many holes in a sheet of metal as you may need for your fabrication.

CNC punching press

Items and functions of main parts of the CNC turret punching press machine

Upper Turret / Nether Turret

  • There are several tools or dies set on the toolholder according to the proceeding requirement.
  • A large number of tools mounted on the turret, and these tools rotated and moved by cnc controlled and selected.
  • Misalignment of the upper and lower turret center will lead to product failure or tool breakage.
  • We recommend that you perform maintenance with a centering fixture and regular basis.

Striker /punching head

A slide part called striker that moves up and down with the force from a crank, hydraulic force or servomotor, and transmits the driving force of the press to the tools to achieve punching different holes and sharp.

Clamp system of CNC punching press
  • The part that holds the material like metal sheet or other composite material sheet.
  • The specified position of the work is moved to the base of the tool by the G code from CNC
 Turret panel system
  • Positioning the angular shaped tool in the rotational direction on the turret panel system
  • Wear of the turret die leads to core misalignment of the tool and phase shift, which may cause punching failure and damage to the tool.
  • We recommend that you perform maintenance on a regular basis.

Hold the upper tooling and put it up in the right position after punching.

  • The die holder will be set on lower turret controlled by the G-code from the CNC and drawing need to machining.
  • Contamination like slug and powdery dust will mixing in the die holder.
  • Contamination from foreign matter leads to tool installation failure and can also cause tool breakage.
  • Be sure to do cleaning completely when set up the die.
  • Attaching a brush die or a roller die to a holder which not used, it will enhance the possibility to prevent contamination and prevent scratches on the back side of the work.
CNC punching press

Feature of cnc turret punching press

  • Unlike normal press machine. the machining position of the tool and the metal sheet put on the table of the turret punching . And it processed with any tools from the die. Different products do not need to change lots of the tools and finished in a short time.
  • Even though the products are different. It allows you to use same tool as long as the holes or forming dimensions are the same.
  • It is possible to produce various types of quantities parts in combination with automatic material supply. And take aways system, automatic tool changing.

Three driving method of cnc turret punching press machine


This type of turret punch in which the striker is operated by changing the rotational force of the flywheel to a vertical motion via the crankshaft . And the crank.

CNC punching press

Hydraulic cnc turret punching press machine for aluminum and stainless steel

This type of turret press machine in which a piston move up and down by a hydraulic oil pressure to drive the striker then to achieve the punching and machining

CNC punching press

Servo type cnc punching machine for metal sheet

Servo type cnc turret punch machine is operating the striker by converting the rotational force of the servomotor directly. or indirectly to vertical movement via a crank.

Advantages of Servo Press comparing with mechanical and hydraulic turret punching machine

  • High accuracy, high productivity with high hit frequency
  • low noise, energy saving
  • It can adjust the program of pressure and speed control.
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