cnc punching machine cnc punching machine

cnc punching machine

Date:2024-3-1 Author:turret punching press / plate rolling machine

CNC punching machine from Beaml is competitive and driven by servo motor that use computer programming inputs to manipulate tools and generate patterns from a software file on the metal sheet.

Common applications with Beaml cnc turret punching machine will include high volume sheet metal enclosures electrical enclosures, telecommunication cabinets and power distribution units.

24 running hours operation of unmanned CNC punching machines gives greatly improved productivity with considerable quality improvements. Our customers profit from process consistency, offering industry-leading punching standards.

How CNC programming working?

The programming of the punch press relies on many different factors. The CAD file desired pattern that is either presented in a 2D DXF or DWG file format, or a 3D format.

This information is used for the control system of the cycle, to identify the best suited tooling and to create the flat sheet metal component. The CNC nest will help determining the most efficient layout for the size of the sheet metal.

CNC turret punching machine move the sheet metal to accurately position it under the punching ram. So the desired pattern can be punched and formed.

cnc punching machine

What is the application with CNC punching?

There are no limits to the materials that can be machined with turret punch press ; from stainless steel to brass, plastic to wood, they can all be punched. The thickness that can be machined ranges from 0.5mm to 6.0mm, as long as the material falls within this range, it can be punched.

There is no limits for the choice of design and pattern with turret pres.  You don’t have to stick to the regular circle or rectangle, designs can also be cut out to your specifications. CNC turret punching press can utilize single hits, overlapping geometries and multiple different tools to produce the most complex shapes.

Advantages of CNC punching machine

  • Increased Productivity obviously once a design has been chosen and created. This can be used again .This repeatability increases productivity by removing technical and intensive manual processes.
  • Speed and Accuracy with turret punching that other machine can not instead.
  • The automation and repeatability also makes this method fast, no matter how complex of design.the overall production time is reduced. Accuracy is not compromised either.  In fact, the CNC punch press are commonly used for the most precise and complicated shapes and machining.
  • Thanks to the servo type of the turret ram hit.the efficiency is increased.more than 3 times than traditional turret press.
  • CNC turret punching machines reduce the amount of waste that is produced during machining.
  • The whole punching process is automated, the operator is kept safe side.As the waste is kept to a minimum. It saves money in the long run as no raw materials will be thrown away. So it is very safe and cost effective .
cnc punching machine

Modern competitive price tool for fabrication- cnc turret punching machine

CNC turret punching machine is a modern sheet metal fabrication process and BEAML will offer a competitive price with high configuration comparing in the market .

Coupled with the ability to create cleanly edged shapes on a wide range and thickness of materials. CNC punch press is central to the modern sheet metal fabrication industry.

Design details are fed into the punching machine system directly from CAD/CAM design software . It calculates the most efficient layout to maximize the sheet metal and select the correct die to create the desired components.

The ability to position the metal sheet under the punching head with high precision accuracy. Need great flexibility and the efficient processing of sheet metal.

Load master system for the CNC turret punching machine

The load master automatically loads sheet metal on to the punch bed and selects the correct punching tool. Positioned securely below the punch head, the machine punches out perforated shapes, dimples .

The maximum working range for BeamL’s CNC Punching machines is 5000mm x 3000mm. We also supply OEM service and tell us you requirement then we can make the machine according to you requirement .

The variation of hole punches can be as simple as a circle. Rectangle to highly complex shapes determined by bespoke product designs.

Intricate sheet metal component shapes also can be produced by using a combination of single hits and overlapping together.

For example, our machines can punch 3D forms such as dimples, louvres. Taps and countersinks and therefore product application of this process is vast.

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