CNC punch press CNC punch press

CNC punch press

Date:2024-3-18 Author:turret punching press / plate rolling machine

CNC punch press is a machine that use punching head controlled by CNC to form the drawing on metal sheet. Turret punching machine involves pushing a punch through a piece of metal sheet to create different holes .

The main advantage of turret punch press is that the speed of punching is very fast. And the metal will not affected by heat. Turret punch press primarily used for thin metal sheets. There is a high number of holes on the metal in a product.

CNC turret punch press is a machine that use computer programming inputs to manipulate tools. And generate patterns from a software file. Then the equipment will producing according to the NC code .

Main features Of Beaml CNC punch press

Tex series cnc punch press machine features a unique high rigidity bridge frame with O-Frame . It eliminates the weak point of conventional C-frame punch press and ensures constant. Punching performance with high stability .

CNC punch press

Frame and table as one integrated body ensures the maintenance of accuracy over long production. Runs without the need for special foundation.

These features also bring extended service life to the press as well as to tooling. Or die – high precision punching ensured on the above basis.

Suppliers are beginning to combine different tools in a single machine. Not only this more economic and takes up less space. It also means there is no need to individually index the turret for each tool.

CNC punch press technology

The latest cnc punch technology for turret punch press has focused on reducing turret cycle time and speeding up the production efficiency .

The technology has also been used to simplify sheet metal manufacturing through friendly programming systems. Which reduce the demand for experienced operators and reduce the number of steps in the operation process.

CNC punch press for both large and thick metal sheet

Tex turret punch press moves forwards with its power, functions, and precision performance responding to today’s demands for the market. Turret punch press is the main product of BEAML ‘s total experience in sheet metal processing. And turret punch press know how.

Besides, it is a custom-made turret punch press which provides the most powerful punching press performance. For both large and thick work responding to special demands in precision punching.

Turret punch press with high precision, stable processing result from optimum frame rigidity.

Tooling and turret punch press machine durability also depend on efficient frame structuring.

Beaml’s ultra strong turret punch press bridge frame provides long service life for tooling. And turret punch press machines as well as retaining precision in high speed operation through aging and annealing.

Our turret punching can prevent frame deflection. It eliminates frame distortion of the turret punch press caused by side thrust load during nibbling.

CNC punch press

Difference between CNC turret punch press and laser cutting machine

Turret punch press and Laser cutting basically complementary machines used in sheet metal industry for metal sheet processing.

CNC Punching machine not new tech and now used in the industry to produce bulk hole intensive parts. While fiber Laser cutting technology. With its small spot size can cut through sheet metal with different thickness at incredible rates.

Of course fabricators can perform other functions on the cnc punching machine that can’t done on the laser cutting machine. The debate over which machine is more better is not as clear .

Main difference of CNC turret punching machine with fiber laser cutting machine

Efficiency : An advanced laser cutting can perform 10,000 hits per minute as compared to turret punching’s 800 hits per minute. Therefore, Laser Cutting Machine is faster as compared to Turret Punch.

Versatility : Both turret punch and laser cutter have similar levels of versatility, depending on the model used. Generally, laser cutters can cut more thicker material than turret punches.

Turret punches can perform more operations than laser cutters, including: tapping, blanking, forming, extruding, deburring. If the job work requires such secondary operations, Turret Punch machine is the best .

Running cost : Turret punching press is a effective tool that is energy efficient with it’s servo-electric power source. However, it is vulnerable to wear and does still require maintenance to keep the die sharp. Laser cutting machine has a higher initial setup cost. But have a lower operational cost due to having lower maintenance needs.

Application : Laser cutters can cut reflective materials including brass and copper. Turret punch is also capable of working with a versatile range of materials including aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.

CNC punch press

More difference cnc turret punch vs laser cutting machine

Precision: When it comes to precision, nothing can compare with laser cutters in terms of performance. While the servo-electric powered turret punch machinery runs in a high precision finish than hydraulically powered punch press

Batch sizes: Turret Punch press is suited for larger batches due to the long set up time. Lasers have shorter set-up times which makes them more suited for smaller batches than punches.

Touching the metal sheet : Laser cutting machine can process metal without any physical touching . Unlike Turret Punch which uses force to punch metal surface

Consumable parts : Turret Punch requires dies which are prone to wear and tear. Laser cutting machine need gases, lenses and nozzles for the cutting head.

Noise pollution : Turret Punch press produces a lot of noise . Laser cutter is less quiet and does not require ear plugs for operators.

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