CNC plate rolling machine CNC plate rolling machine

CNC plate rolling machine

Date:2024-3-8 Author:turret punching press / plate rolling machine

CNC plate rolling machine is used to manufacture rounded parts for oil and gas rigs. Tunnel supports, boiler equipment, pressure vessels, and heat exchanger among many other things.

A plate rolling machine used to round a straight sheet into a cylinder. They bend stainless steel and basic steel. as well as aluminum, copper, and zinc for steel and tank construction. In heating, air-conditioning and ventilation construction, for metalworking and roofing. As well as for industrial mass production. For this purpose. beaml offers both manual models and a very powerful, hydraulic 4 roller plate rolling machine with NC and CNC controls

Plate roller’s body strengthened and lowered to minimize the twists and deformation. Machine body, frame and steel bar connections stress relieved after the welding operation.

cnc plate rolling machine

Strong body and angular bottom and side rolls enables to easily conical bend materials. BEAML rolling machines can bend 1.5 times easily. Rollers guided with spherical roller bearings and bronze housings. Guiding system requires less lubrication and keeps it precision in long term.

Plate rolling is an incredibly essential aspect of metal fabrication. It involves the rolling of flat sheet metal to create cylindrical items such as pipes. Tank trailers, buckets, and pressure vessels. Since most of the products delivered during plate rolling sophisticated, cutting-edge and unique. Created using specialized equipment that known as the plate rolling machine or the plate bending machine.

What is a CNC plate rolling machine?

CNC plate roll machine as a piece of equipment that used to roll various types of sheet metal into round. Semi round, round with varying radii or conical shapes (some machines specialize in rolling materials back to flat too).

Plate rolling machine boasts a working mechanism that allows it to bend flat sheet metal into a large arc or cylinder or even a square. An ellipse shape and a multi-section arc.

cnc plate rolling machine

Utilizing a series of precise and strong hardened rolls powered by either hydraulic or mechanical methods. The rolls brought into a pitching position with the material desired to be shaped. Once the material firmly held between two of the rolls. A third and sometimes fourth roll brought into position pushing the material causing the initial bend, or what referred to as the pre-bend. The rolls then begin to rotate pulling material through the pinched rolls and past the pushing rolls forcing an arc into the material.

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