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Beaml is one of leading and professional metalworking machine manufacture in China ,which is dedicated to develop and produce and sales of sheet metal equipment more than 17 years.After many years development ,it has been famous and influential modern company owns many distributor all of the world.

As a global partner, Beaml supports mechanical and plant engineering challenges around the world with it’s cutting –edge technology and unique industry knowledge .

Under the guidance of “professional ,satisfaction and high performance “principle , Beaml always tries to provide complete and throughly proposal to customers by our specialty and experience .What’s more ,Beaml has world class R&D term in Norway which can ensure design reasonable and innovative as well . We can supply oversea installation ,training ,maintenance for each client and confirm they are familiar with Beaml’s machine and operate the machine properly and enjoy the high performance and good service during operation .

All of our machine have got the European CE approval and export to European countries as well as many other countries and we implement ISO 9001 quality management system;standardize internal management process to ensure the steady development .

With a professional and dedicated group development ,we strive to become to a leader of CNC sheet metal machine and a partner of sheet metal fabrication with no distractions and keep focus ,we strive to improve our products and get the way of innovation and create the new solution in the CNC metal sheet machinery industry .

The innovative advantage and product range

We create new technologies to improve manufacturing process and introduce products to the market.Our term is able to improve overall performance ,this as the main reason that we are the leader in the industry .Although it’s important for us to continue pushing the industry as a whole forward,our customs remain number one priority . To ensure our customers are completely satisfied ,we offer highest quality products and a dedicated support staff .

Beaml focus on four primary products line: press brake ,laser cutting machine ,cnc v grooving machine and CNC turret punching machine . Our products adopt strong raw materials with advance design and additional options can be used to modify machines to fit you needs .

Customer support matters

Our clients deserve the best afterservice and support ,that is why Beaml’s support staff is dedicated to make sure you are always satisfied ,whether you are our distributor or end user of us .Our customs can be sure in a quick response from our customer care term .

Although a fast response time is important ,what really makes our support staff stand out is their knowledge and understanding of our products . When you reach out to us about a problem you are facing ,you will receive an educated response from a support staff who care about our machine and how it’s customers are treated .

Achieving total safety

Safety is a basic requirement for production . This is why we are committed to minimizing development risks by adopting high safety standards for decades

Equipment safety also includes data security as this can be incorporated into future products and solutions from which all users benefit .

Development risks can be reduced by realistic simulations of all components and functionalities ,enabling fastest possible implementation .We offer total support ,no matter how challenging the customer goal .

End to end efficiency

Through dynamic movements and smooth processes and reasonable meature .we ensure high productivity . The core of this approach is the resource-savings .Maximum availability over the life-cycle and optimum energy efficiency in the maximum.

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance transform costly downtime into planned maintenance measures .Simple programming and save time from the engineering phase to commissioning .

Functional collaboration

The whole of the world connected with each other demands flexibility . Our components and modules constantly exchange information and form a net work – organizing themselves and adapting to new tasks .Where appropriate ,they form a unit with superior IT systems and the internet of things 

Our customers benefit from this collaboration as this enables lower unit costs and the economical production of small batch sizes up to date based servies .

We face the challenges of digital transformation with collaborations ,manufactures and users ,we combine practical experiences with group breaking technologies .

Powerful , versatile , precise

Whether heavy loads or maximum dynamics: Our components provide best solution with high precision. Besides the physical valve , it is very important to achieve the high performance .

We have terms world-wide ready to solve demanding motion tasks –in metal sheet solution to get the best bending or cutting in the best precision .Our customers expect a strong project partner, the flexibility of a medium sized company and comprehensive local knowledge of local requirements and contacts worldwide.

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